Information on the French Drain

The French drain is a perforated pipe surrounded by stone 3/4 inch crushed. It has a geotextile membrane to allow the water to drain and not damage the foundations.
Quebec Building Code requires for new construction the installation of a French drain.
However, before the 1970s, drains were not mandatory in Quebec. It is therefore quite possible that you do not need a French drain and that the water infiltrates into your basement.

The French drain is a long-term investment, since its lifespan is between 25 and 40 years. It is advisable to clean and inspect the drain every 5 to 10 years. Verifications logically can be a lot of trouble.

If you have noticed a humidity level in your house and above all basement, micro-cracks or cracks in your walls, the white fairy on the walls, soot on the walls, it is essential to replace or install an English drain to prevent major damage.

Budget price of works

The replacement price to drain. There are several factors to consider, such as the complexity of the work in the environment: workspace, balcony, patio, fencing, asphalt, cement, concrete, plants, grass, soil type,

In our work, the price includes all the following steps:
• Excavation
• Installation of the waterproof membrane on the foundation
• Laying a crushed stone bottom ¾
• Installation of drain English connected to the sewer system
• Embankment on +/- 1 foot thick crushed stone ¾
• Geotextile membrane installation
• Backfilling
• Cleaning the premises

We can have additional costs according to some other conditions:
• Possible cracks to repair in the walls

Ask now for your quote for the replacement or addition of a French drain by our specialized team.



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